Intel has some surprises for Computex

9th gen things and more

Jon Peddie

Intel showed a few of us analysts some of the things they will reveal and speak about at Computex in June in Taipei this year. 

We saw a new form factor and got a few details on Intel’s Athena project, a new initiative the company announced at CES. Athena is a project and technology development program to design the next generation of laptops and is similar to what Intel and laptop manufacturers did with Ultrabooks a few years back. Project Athena involves Intel working with the big brands in the laptop industry such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung. Those companies are creating the next generation of laptops which will be thinner, lighter, more powerful, have better battery life, possibly be always connected, and definitely shown at Computex.


Intel will reveal their gen 9 processor roadmap and stun you with their new code names for architectures, chips, and platforms. The big boss of Client Computing, Senior VP and GM Gregory Bryant will be giving a keynote and he has a lot to tell you.

One more hint without getting Intel’s NDA ninjas after me or spoiling your conference, Intel is going to surprise you about gaming and what they’ve done and are doing. Intel makes as much from gaming as the top gaming content suppliers do, and the company has an enormous and surprising software stack for users and developers. 

The new notebooks, workstations, desktops, and other systems and devices will be revealed at this year’s Computex. Should be quite a show.