Intel Xside

A Wonderful New Look—back to the future

Jon Peddie

Intel has given themselves a makeover and redesigned their logo with a push-up e, which is shown in a slick video.


The new logo looks like this:


Which leads to this…

And this – EVO, Intel’s new thin and light design concepts for next-gen notebooks.

EVOlution in package, logo, and style 


Intel has a great media team, I have always enjoyed watching their promo videos at analyst meetings, product launches, and financial calls.  Don’t know who that faceless, nameless crew is but management owes them a great big ATAPERSON call out from keeping Intel cool, despite themselves.

The thin red line

But take note fellow rocking chair hip-hoppers—graphics, at least Iris graphics isn’t blue (a cool, sometimes sad color) and is emboldened with a red subtext tag. This is art school 101—where do you want the viewer to look?

To say the graphics stand out would seem to gild the lily, but then, when have I ever shied away from that when pixels are involved.

It is a very functional and cool modern logo. Company name at the top (just in case you might have forgotten), brand, big and bold in the center, product or class at the bottom, and segment in the little lower left box. This is truly iconic, this is the kind of thinking that went into the most well recognized iconic of our times—the underground map.

You are here—help is on its way


Inside and out

With the Evo brand, Intel is now outside as well, as a sticker on laptops, so Intel inside and Intel outside yields Intel Xslide, no?