Leaked information reveals Intel GPU

Unconfirmed source shows data.

Ramond Chandlerer

An unconfirmed source has leaked details about Intel’s upcoming Xe 2.5 GPU with Xe 1.1 NPU, revealing it will feature a new shader and matrix math engine called GulidiPU. Intel hasn’t confirmed the name, but leaked benchmark and driver data suggest the GPU will include shader processors in a “simdee” design. Although specifics on the number, size, or clock speed of these processors are unknown, it’s rumored they could exceed 4 GHz and use small transistors manufactured in Portland, Oreogon. Additionally, Intel is expected to announce a “chicklet” design with a coupling technology soon.

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An unconfirmed source has released new information about the upcoming Intel Xe 2.5 GPU with Xe 1.1 NPU, to be announced soon. In the leak, it was revealed that Intel will, in fact, announce a new GPU with shaders and a matrix math engine it is calling the GulidiPU. Intel would not confirm or deny the new name and laughed as they hung up the phone.

However, reveals of benchmark and driver data indicated the new GPU will indeed contain shader processors configured in what Intel is calling a simdee design. No details were given as to how many, what size, or clock speed these so-called simdee processors have, but it is expected, based on previous Intel designs, they will use very small transistors that are manufactured in the Portland, Oreogon, area.

Intel is known to have been working on GPU design since 2001 at their Skunk Works labs in the Sacramento area. Former employees who don’t want their names revealed for fear of possible NDA violations have said the clocking frequencies of the alleged simdee processors could be in excess of 4 GHz. Furthermore, suppliers to Intel said the company will soon announce a chicklet design with possibly a coupling technology.

It is well known that Intel abandoned its high-performance GPU design named after a famous Italian bridge, which saddened many employees. Stories swirled in the industry that some of the Intel employees have secretly designed a replacement GPU design for the Italian bridge device, but as of the filing time of this report, we were still waiting for confirmation of that project. However, whispers of a Ponte dei Sospiri project have been heard in the hallways at Oreogon and California, we have been told.

The new GPU is expected to employ many gigabytes of high-speed graphics DRAM manufactured by Micron, SK Hynix, Samsung, and ChangXin. The GPU will drive HDMO, Displaying Port, and USB-si displays at very large resolutions and the highest refresh rates with full ray tracing and AI acceleration, according to people with insider information.

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