Nvidia now lets you play worldwide on GeForce Now

The GeForce Now Alliance is spreading cloud gaming severs everywhere

Jon Peddie


Because Nvidia can’t be AWS or Goggle and deploy servers everywhere, they have established an alliance with the cleverly named GeForce Now Alliance. Slowly but steadily the company has been adding partner sites to its game streaming network, and the latest one in Russia. The SAFMAR Group has launched GeForce NOW in Russia as GFN.RU. Now the throngs of Russian gamers patiently waiting to get into the GeForce Now beta now have a path to play now. SAFMAR kicked off Russia’s biggest computer and video games exhibition, the IgroMir Expo in Moscow.

SAFMAR Group joins other alliance members with recent GeForce NOW announcements—LG U+ in Korea and SoftBank in Japan.

Nvidia announced its GeForce Now Alliance at its GPU Technology Conference in March and said it is a partnership of operators using Nvidia RTX Servers and Nvidia cloud gaming software to expand cloud gaming globally. Nvidia says it’s their commitment to delivering the best cloud gaming experience around the world.

“With RTX Servers”, says Phil Eisler, Nvidia’s boss of streaming, telcos, and cloud operators have a turnkey solution to bring high-performance cloud gaming with localized versions of GeForce Now onto their networks.

“The service is going well in Moscow with 10ms ping times, says Eisler, and adds that Rostelecom has also picked it up and Russian gamers are excited.”


What’s more, with the introduction of 5G and broadband networks and their promised ever-increasing speeds, GeForce Now Alliance operators can get more games to more users, faster. However, it still takes just as long to kill a mutant, ghoul, or Nazi zombie.

But a growing network of operators means GeForce Now continues to bring cloud gaming to more gamers in more places, and we think that is a trend and the future.