The demand for powerful GPUs in mobile devices drive the industry

Qualcomm maintains market leadership in SoC GPUs according to latest report from Jon Peddie Research

Robert Dow

TIBURON, CA, December 09 2014—Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry’s research, and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, announced estimated personal mobile devices graphics chip shipments for 2014. Personal mobile devices include smartphones, and tablets.

This report covers the market for GPUs in mobile (Personal) and Portable (notebook and game machine) devices. Total GPU market opportunity in all mobile platforms is 3,575 million units in 2018.

The report examines and explains the leading industry trends:

Market slowdown will lead to consolidation. There are too many SoC suppliers chasing the same customers. Those with thinner margins will fail as the all forgiving growth tapers off.

Larger screens need more GPU power. The next wave of tablets will have 4k resolution; smartphones are rapidly approaching 50% 4K resolution.

Tablets as gifts. Tablet prices for the 6 and 7-inch units targeted at the educational market will drop to the point (<$40) that they will be given away as incentive to buy something else.

Market share shifts. As China’s domestic demand increases, Chinese SoC builders will gain major market share with cut-rate prices. Traditional suppliers will struggle to maintain ASPs and margins.

Superphones challenge small tablets. Super-sized smartphones with 6+ inch displays will take market share from 7-inch tablets offering greater functionality with radios and more convenient size.

Mobile GPUs performance. The performance level of an embedded GPU is always going to be several years behind that of a discrete GPU.

GPUs in SoCs used in mobile devices are either proprietary designs from AMD, Intel, Nvidia, or Qualcomm, or purchased IP designs from ARM, Imagination Technologies, or Vivante. The relative market share of these companies is changing, but Qualcomm still has a commanding lead.

The upcoming SoC suppliers with impressive design wins to their credit are Intel (proprietary GPU) and Nvidia (proprietary GPU). Qualcomm however, is the giant in the industry.

The report profiles the products and size of 40 companies.

There are more than three dozen other SoC suppliers; we list most of the more popularly known ones here. These companies offer personal SoC devices, as well as automotive, TV, video, and media players

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