The uneven battle at the heart of AI

How Nvidia conquered this realm with nary a challenge, and will anyone be able to claim a piece of the market?

Jon Peddie

In an article Jon Peddie penned for the Ojo-Yoshida Report several weeks ago, he outlines Nvidia’s meticulously executed rise within the world of AI. Little by little, they were able to lay the foundation—perhaps purposely or by happenstance—toward building this groundbreaking technology with developmental steps including powerful GPUs and an extraordinary programming language that would become the cornerstone elements needed to drive one of the most transformative technologies ever introduced: generative AI.

Peddie’s article examines Nvidia’s firmly established position at the top when it comes to AI and whether any competitors are even within striking distance or able to come close.  

In a follow-up to that article, titled “If Nvidia Is AI Hardware’s Goliath, Where’s David,” Junko Yoshida, Ojo-Yoshida Report’s editor in chief, further examines the seemingly impenetrable wall that Nvidia has built around its AI kingdom and which competitors, if any, have the tools that can crack that wall.

You can read this latest article here in the Ojo-Yoshida Report.