Tom’s Hardware announces Readers Choice Awards and partnership with The Register

Posted: 10.07.03

Tom’s hardware has completed their Readers’ Choice survey and just as you might expect, Tom’s readers don’t always root for the front runner. The Athlon XP won for best processor while the ATI Radeon 8500 won for best high end graphics board. Nvidia won the best graphics chip category with the GeForce3 Ti series. When it comes to chipsets VIA scored a hit with Tom’s users who voted for the Apollo KT266A chipset. Asus won the nod for best motherboard supplier and the Maxstor DiamondMax Plus 60 won the award for best hard drive.

In other news Tom’s Hardware is partnering with The Register to create the Register USA. They pledge to bring the Register’s same hard biting news reporting to readers with a U.S. slant.