Pixels loose in the house (or outside)

Posted: Jon Peddie 05.04.17

Can’t have too many pixels or too big a display

For those of us who love pixels and can’t have enough, the San Marcos, CA based BlissLights Motion seemed like it was designed for us. Imagine tens of thousands of moving pinpoints of light created using holographic laser technology. Such displays were originally only seen at major theme parks and could project up to a 2500 sq. ft. area. One application for it is holiday lighting if you’re into such a thing, except there are no strings to string, no falling off a ladder, and no searching for the one failed bulb that needs to be replaced.

Or, you can light up your living room and delight your family and friends.

BlissLights Motion projector with ambient lighting off

A built-in timer makes setup easy, just plug it in. Then it will automatically turn on for 6 hours and off 17 hours. There is also a (line of sight IR) remote that lets you increase or decrease the speed of their “firefly effect” to match a desired theme or user application.

You can have it on even with the room lights on, and it adds a festive feeling

Or you can the unit outside and use it to light up the side of your house for a party or as mentioned, holiday lights. 

Made out of ABS housing that won’t rust, the Motion is light-weight and weather resistant and comes with a stake and stand for easy portability. You can unplug it from the stake and take it inside and plug it into the stand. 

The projector comes in three colors red, green, and blue. Green is good for first time buyers or for those looking for the brightest “firefly effect”, the green is the easiest color to start creating any light display. Since our eye perceives green light to be brighter, it looks great on any surface indoors and outdoors.  

The blue laser will give you thousands of dancing “stars” on your favorite surface. It’s especially attractive on water such as pools, ponds, and fountains or snow. Red is the one that appears more subtle to our eyes making it great for indoor use. You could pair it with complementary lighting such as candles or a fireplace for a warm look. The Motion in red comes with 2 laser apertures to maximize the red pinpoints effect and does not have an additional laser color.

The units sell for $139 and include a 1-year warranty 

What do we think

It is a little reminiscent of the mirrored ball used widely used in nightclubs in the late 1910s and even appearing in a description of a ballroom dance in 1897 in Boston.
The BlissLight however, doesn’t leave any big glass thing hanging from your ceiling when not in use. Here in earthquake country, that’s a consideration.

This is a fun appliance. No, we didn’t need it, but now we don’t want anyone coming in and taking it away from us either. The thing comes on at sunset every evening and suddenly the world is not so bleak a place. 

Reduce pain?

Researchers at the University of Arizona have found that immersion to green light can reduce pain. After realizing that when he got headaches he’d go to a park and sit there, and feel better, Dr. Mohab Ibrahim said. "I thought, why is this happening? It could be because it's quiet. You're meditating, and life slows down, but I can also be quiet in my office, and it doesn't take the headaches away. Then I thought maybe it's the trees. So, I thought about what trees do. They could be releasing some sort of chemical in the air, or maybe it's just their color, green, which is associated with most trees."

Ibrahim decided to investigate whether the color green could mitigate chronic pain. And he decided to do so by exposing rats to green light. The results of the study, which appeared in the February issue of the journal Pain, revealed that rats with neuropathic pain that were bathed in green LED showed more tolerance for thermal and tactile stimulus than rats that were not bathed in green LED. – J.P.