The HDR Gaming Interest Group arrives on the scene

Sony and Microsoft have formed the HDR Gaming Interest Group (HGiG) and have invited TV game developers, hardware manufacturers, and others to participate in an effort to improve the HDR gaming experience. The proposed initiatives will also change how a game console and TV interoperate, and could be extended to PC gaming, and maybe even mobile devices. The group entered … Read more

LG coolest of cool displays

Giant 8k, a big rollable 4k, and calibrated HDR When it comes to displays, too much is not enough with regard to pixels and color depth. However, physical size may have a practical limit, maybe . . .  As many of you know, for the Winter Olympics, and the country in general, Japan has skipped the 4k node and gone … Read more

Those Ks – what is 5K, 8K and 3K?

Alternate facts or hidden value? Remember, the more you can see, the more you can do? Well when HD monitors rolled on the scene that axiom started to catch the imagination of users, and their managers (“gee, do MORE, for just the cost of a monitor, hell yeah”).  The higher the K to dollar ration, the better the deal, monitor … Read more