HP announces the Z32k G3, an IPS Black monitor

The Z32k G3 hides Thunderbolt 4 support on the back, which helps users nearly manage their cables. (Source: HP)   LG and Dell collaborated to create IPS Black technology earlier this year, which provides richer contrast and blacker blacks. Now, HP has finally announced their first monitor using the technology. Their Z32k G3 adds more than just IPS Black—they also … Read more

Wacom releases 27-inch Cintiq Pro pen display

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 with the Pro Pen 3. (Source: Wacom)    Big things usually come in big packages, but not so with the new Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 pen display, which is lightweight and thin, and its 27-inch screen has a smaller footprint than its Cintiq Pro 24 sibling, with an edge-to-edge glass surface. Complementing its modern design … Read more

Who anticipated that 8K will be illegal?

(Source: Samsung) Viewers crave resolution. After all, who wouldn’t prefer watching their favorite film or TV series in 8K if given the choice. Well, those in the EU may not have that choice come March 2023. That is when new TV energy consumption regulations are due to take effect that prohibit the sale of new 8K sets in the region. … Read more

8K TV is going to develop

At the time of this writing, I’ve already been at IFA 2022 for a couple of days (the show ran from September 2–6 in Berlin). I have been in the Samsung Innovation room, where the firm and a number of independent specialists have been talking about developments. There were six topics discussed, and I’ll cover one of them here—the one … Read more

Tinycade can turn your old cardboard boxes into a DIY arcade cabinet

Lightcycles is one of the first three Tinycade games. Inspired by TRON, players sit next to each other and try to be the last lightbike standing. (Source: ACME Lab) Arcade games are expensive to get and maintain. Some pinball machines easily climb into the thousands of dollars. Despite that, the arcade industry is still strong—because people love the tactile feel … Read more

Two new Dell Alienware monitors on the horizon

Gamers, if you are looking for new gaming monitors offering fast refresh rates, your wait is almost over. Dell has announced two new additions to its Alienware monitor line: a 27-inch and a 25-inch offering. Both feature a built-in retractable hanger located on the top left side of the monitor to conveniently place your headset. Because, well, gamers like to … Read more