Global streaming delivers variety, enriched global production

Source: “Dr. Who and the Daleks,” BBC   “We're all made of them! These charges will then be transferred in time and space and reassembled in their proper order and their proper place.” – Dr. Who, “Dr. Who and the Daleks,” BBC, 1965   Nothing is more enjoyable than watching something new—especially when it’s linked with the past. On the … Read more


(Source: “The Terminal”, Dreamworks) “You don't qualify for asylum, refugee status, temporary protective status, humanitarian parole, non-immigration work travel visa, you at this time are simply “unacceptable.”—Frank Dixon, “The Terminal,” Dreamworks, 2004 In a lot of ways, our country’s—and actually every country’s—handling of the diversity issue is a lot like the way cities/towns here in Silicon Valley (and your area) … Read more

Too Much; the Content Explosion

Source – Too Much, Too Soon,” Warner Bros. “The rich have nothing to offer each other.” — Lincoln Forrester, “Too Much, Too Soon,” Warner Bros., 1958   Can’t you just see it? John Barrymore fearlessly whacking his path through the jungle with his super sharp machete … whack, whack, whack. His bearers and team quickly following because they’re in the … Read more

Netflix announces the Post Technology Alliance

Netflix has been extremely influential this year with its spending on content and on marketing its content. (See Report from Telluride.) At IBC in September 2018, the company has also announced its Netflix Post Technology Alliance for tools providers.  The company has nailed down its requirements for content in several areas including animation, audio, color grading, etc. Content creators will … Read more

Technology isn’t killing us, but it might be helping us kill ourselves – Tech Insider

“You're saying nobody's supposed to eat this food three times a day. No wonder all this stuff happened to you. But the scary part is: there are people who eat this food regularly. Some people even eat it every day.” – Morgan Spurlock, “Super Size Me,” Con, 2004   I like doing things for my family … my friends … myself. … Read more