Nvidia once again tops projections for Q4 ’24

Revenue rose 265% over the prior year to $22.3 billion, and that’s with the loss of sales to China.

The real TAM for GPU accelerators

The AI boom has another boundary—power.

Synaptics: In the JPR spotlight

An interview with John Weil, VP & GM for IoT and edge AI processor business at Synaptics, about the Astra platform.

The Chicken Little syndrome

No calamity, no clicks.

AMD revenue soars on Data Center strength

Epyc and Instinct are the stars of the show, while Ryzen has a good Christmas .

Intel has a good Q4 but weak Q1 guidance

The client business fared much better than the server business, which continues to languish.

Exynos 2400 Xclipse 940 GPU looks ready for battle

New and improved, not fully disclosed.

The great migration of the drawing library

It was moved to where it could do the most good, but not always in a timely manner.

Nvidia’s Chinese chip may create demand for Chinese GPUs

Will Chinese cloud operator cut back on buying US GPUs?

Steel Nomad set to become the flagship benchmark for UL

3DMark Steel Nomad, the new cross-platform benchmark, will release in Q1 2024 as free update.

High-end graphics card prices back on the rise

Nvidia’s top-tier graphics add-in boards are seeing double-digit price increases.

MediaTek: In the JPR spotlight

A candid interview with Finbarr Moynihan, GM & VP of corporate marketing at MediaTek.