Nvidia clobbers Q3 projections

Revenue rose a stunning 205% over the prior year to $18 billion, and the company is projecting higher for the next quarter.

Going to Jupiter won’t make you stupider

Nvidia Grace gets its first big-time outing.

Microsoft unveils custom AI accelerator series, Azure Maia, and in-house CPU series, Azure Cobalt

First custom silicon shows new strategic direction for Microsoft.

Fujitsu’s GPU, CPU optimization and allocation system

Hopes it will offset the GPU shortages.

Fast, faster, fastest

Apple unveils M3 chip family, new MacBook Pros, and iMac.

Qualcomm revenue rises Q-Q, drops Y-Y

Sales of $8.6 billion down 24% Y-Y, income down 48% Y-Y to $1.49 billion.

AMD revenue rises on Client, Data Center gains

Q4 2023 expected to grow but not as much as analysts predicted.

Adobe makes content generation easier for the enterprise

Generative AI is the key to fast, consistent brand messaging.

AMD’s APUs from Fusion to Strix Point

A long journey with lots of hurdles.

Graphics card prices have remained stable in 2023, so far

A few graphics cards have seen modest price increases over the year.

Intel bounces back ever so slightly in Q3 2023

Sales and income exceeded projections but given what they have on the market, sales should have been much higher.

Does anyone remember the crypto balloon?

Sell any GPU that could run a hash.