Top of the TOPS, says Qualcomm

45 trillion operations per second.

Intel sees projected revenue in soft Q1

The quarter was more about business and infrastructure happenings than sales and profit.

Will AI worsen climate change?

How do we power the surge in AI data centers?

Platforms and processors

Some takeovers and expansions.

Nvidia vs. Intel vs. AMD AI

We’re closer to a three-horse race—will customers react?

Is Apple the powerhouse in PCs that it’s made out to be?

It peaked at 14% two years ago.

Nvidia, the super… company

…computer, performer, growth—pick your adjective.

Nvidia’s R&D ratio plummets

30% last year, 11% today.

And they all need GPUs

AI start-ups explode—and create a new space race.

AI PCs, what’s new here?

TOPS are tops.

Nvidia once again tops projections for Q4 ’24

Revenue rose 265% over the prior year to $22.3 billion, and that’s with the loss of sales to China.

The real TAM for GPU accelerators

The AI boom has another boundary—power.