Nvidia reveals it is working on a quantum GPU

Quantum computing is the next generation, the next era of computing, and Nvidia intends to be a leader in the field by producing a room-temperature GPU with the probabilistic equivalence of 10 billion shaders, or none, depending on a new quantum probe technique recently patented by Nvidia called Calculated Ambiguous Technology, or CAT.

Based on Nvidia’s experimental cryogenically cooled Schrödinger architecture, the company has announced early results on a room-temperature version, the S104.

“It’s still early days,” said Nvidia’s chief scientist, Bill Dally, “and we are still challenged a bit by memory speeds—feeding the beast—but preliminary tests are very encouraging, or not, or both at the same time.”

The company is understandably a little reticent about this development, and no date has been suggested for commercialization. However, the race is on, and already rumors have leaked out of Imagination Technologies’ Beijing R&D center that they have a working protype that has run for 10 minutes at -50 degrees Celsius. If true, it will establish a new SMID Qubit benchmark. When asked about their efforts in the quantum GPU area, AMD said they might have a comment, or not, which sounds like a spin to us.

As we always have, we will closely follow this developing story as it develops in its

development of developing… more or less.