The challenge of power management in PCs

Apple Computer, which astonished the world by dumping its Intel processors in favor of its own in-house designed processors, added to the surprise that the processors ran cooler and faster. That was the M1 announced in November 2020. Then, less than two years later in June 2022, the company introduced the amazing M2 processor that broke all benchmark records while sipping power. And now, a mere 10 months later, the company has introduced the M3 Fusion processor, which actually produces electricity while it is running.

“People thought it couldn’t be done,” said a smiling Johny Srouji, Apple’s VP of hardware technologies. “But, we’ve heard that before at Apple, many times, and we did it anyway.”

The company has not released any details about the packaging, where the deuterium-tritium is stored, or how large the magnetic container will be. “Our initial product with the MF3 will be a Mac Pro desktop that will not have any cables—none. No display cable, no mouse or keyboard cable, no audio cable, and no power cord. There will be an optional, UL-approved, power source cable users can plug their other electronics devices into. But is only permitted in California and New Jersey as of now. Sadly, Texas and Florida said they would never allow it because it would destroy their utility infrastructure.”

Apple plans a press conference to show off the new MF3-based Mac Pro desktop and are just waiting for a shipment of dosimeters to arrive for the audience. The MF3 Mac Pro has an induction plate at the top that one can lay their iPhone on for charging. That has been approved for use in all 51 states; the European Union is still in the testing phase, and Apple has no plans to offer the system for sale in China or any country that does business with China.

Skeptics of the new system say that missing the ink-jet business that made HP rich, this is just an attempt by Apple to corner the deuterium-tritium replacement market. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, scoffed and said, “Haters got to hate.” Pricing and delivery data will be released at the press event.

The development team with an early protype.