Chaos in VFX and Archvis

Chaos offers Vantage 2 stand-alone real-time ray tracer.

Karen Moltenbrey

Chaos has announced a new stand-alone product, Chaos Vantage 2, that gives artists the ability to explore extremely large, production-quality 3D scenes that are fully ray-traced, and make changes in real time.

Chaos is known for shaking things up when it comes to visualization. Perhaps best known for its V-Ray renderer, the company also offers Vantage, an application released in December 2020 for exploring 3D scenes in a fully ray-traced environment and in real time. Now, the company is giving users a bigger Vantage with the release of Vantage 2, enabling users to work with massive, near-production-level scenes that are fully ray-traced, and still be able to make changes in real time.  

Vantage VFX
(Source: Chaos)

Vantage 2 is used for visual effects and architectural visualizations, enabling users to access photorealistic animations, previsualizations, and scene explorations, without having to wait for the geometry to optimize or lighting to bake. Users can either drag-and-drop a V-Ray scene into Vantage or initiate the Live Link feature while working in any popular 3D content creation tool.

Sporting 20 major new features, Vantage 2 includes scene states for experimenting with different camera angles, styles, and moods in a non-destructive way; each state can be saved and revisited with a mouse click. The new version also has many new animation capabilities such as support for deforming meshes to achieve more natural body movement, support for AXYZ’s library of 4D characters, and more.

Thanks to Vantage 2’s speed, clients can view changes and make decisions, resulting in faster feedback and fewer iterations.

Vantage 2 is available for Windows 10 (version 2004 or newer) and is designed for DXR-compatible Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Current Premium or Enterprise V-Ray subscription users can access Vantage 2 through the end of their present subscription period. V-Ray pricing can be found on the company’s website.