EVGA brings the insides out with the new E1 platform

Wouldn’t it be easier if your gaming PC wasn’t in a tin box?

Jon Peddie

When EVGA was founded in 1999 it was the first to introduce heat pipe cooling and iCX Technology along with 4-Way SLI. In 2012, EVGA introduced its first Power Supply. Through quality and features, EVGA has become a top choice for Power Supplies when gamers are building their systems. EVGA continues the tradition of top-tier hardware for gamers.

With the launch of the EVGA E1, the company has brought a new way to build a gaming rig—inside-out with a 100% 3K carbon fiber frame.

With a patent-pending, independent suspension system comprised of steel cables, the E1 chassis frame is constructed with 100% 3K Plain weave carbon fiber. At 2.76lbs, the E1 sports the lightest frame design compared to other chassis of the same volume.

An RGB  cooler at the top sucks up any warm air from the AIB or PSU and discharges it in the preferred direction for heat, up and out. There are also three rear RGB exhaust fans.

The AIB mounts vertically, revealing its fan and any branding. The Mobo is mounted vertically behind the AIB.

And at the bottom are clutters of gauges and the I/O panel looking very steam-punkish.

There’s a very cool video about the construct of the E1 below.

This is an early peak, EVGA hasn’t released pricing and availability yet (still wrestling the supply-chain issues), but we think it is going to be a best selling case when it becomes available.  We were number three in line for one. There’s more info here.