FMX continues quest for carbon neutrality

Will build on its success from its 2023 conference.

Karen Moltenbrey

Through offsetting actions, FMX 2023 achieved its goal of carbon-neutrality, and the conference becomes certified as a carbon-neutral event for another year.

Climate change has been front and center in the news this summer. From the lengthy heat wave throughout the US to the scorching temperatures and blazes in Europe, the concerns are paramount. Consider, for instance, the impact that a large industry trade event can have in its contribution to carbon emissions, waste, and more. At FMX 2023, conference organizers put their concern for a greener tomorrow on full display, not only in words, but also actions, and its success in this effort should prompt other trade shows to follow suit.

An image from “The Beauty,” created by Filmakademie alumni. The project served as the official trailer for FMX 2023. (Source: FMX)

FMX is held annually in Stuttgart, Germany, with attendees flocking to the city from around the world for this event exploring animation, VFX, interactivity, and immersive media. At last year’s event, the conference focused heavily on sustainability and related subjects pertaining to the health of our planet. This was done by showcasing respective projects and themed sessions. Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut, which puts on FMX, also worked to make the conference sustainable, too, officially certifying the event as climate-friendly in support of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s efforts of climate neutrality.

In its goal to make FMX climate-friendly and greenhouse gas neutral, FMX organizers looked at various areas where they could conserve resources, such as at the venue itself (Haus der Wirtschaft) through the use of green electricity and by revising conference hours to coincide with public transportation schedules; FMX even provided free use of public transportation. In addition, guests were encouraged to book accommodations where sustainability was practiced.

Organizers recently announced that they have taken steps to offset the remaining 660 tons of CO2 emissions through a supported initiative to donate clean and efficient cookstoves in Rwanda, resulting in less deforestation in the region. As a result, of all these efforts, FMX 2023 was a carbon-neutral event (with the offsetting) and that the certification of FMX as a climate-friendly event has been extended for the next year.

In addition, a donation of  €2 per conference ticket was donated toward the KSS Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg’s KSS Climate Protection Foundation to help support the transition of cultural institutions in Baden-Wuerttemberg toward more sustainability.

In a press notice, FMX stated, “While we celebrate this achievement, we acknowledge that climate-friendly behavior is an ongoing process and that there are still areas in need of improvement. Waste management, in particular, is an ongoing focus for us. While we have made significant strides in this area, we recognize that we have not yet reached our desired target. Rest assured, we remain committed to develop FMX as a sustainable conference even further in the coming years.”

FX 2024 will take place April 23 to 26, 2024, as always in Stuttgart.

More information about FMX’s sustainability efforts can be found here.