HP keeps the work at home machines running

HP Adaptive Endpoint Management

Posted: By Jon Peddie 09.15.21
(Source: HP)

With hybrid work continuing to be the norm, managing employee devices can be challenging. Often, IT teams are also having to work remotely and balance priorities to meet the demands of changing work environments. And, given the sudden shift in work practices, many organizations don't have the resources to cover the challenges created by remote work situations. HP’s new tools make the lives of IT professionals a little easier with automation. The new products include:

  • HP Adaptive Endpoint Management is a fully managed service that helps IT managers send PCs directly to employees with zero-touch deployment.
  • HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager frees up valuable IT resources by making it easy to remotely configure, secure, and update the BIOS of HP commercial PCs. 
  • HP Cloud Endpoint Manager is a cloud-ready solution designed for IT who want a better way to deploy and securely manage thousands of HP Thin Clients, all through a modern and intuitive interface.


HP says 87% of companies include employee experience in their IT performance goals but the employee experience is most appreciated when it just works. The fact is, that goes both ways for IT professionals and their users. When user’s are well served IT can also concentrate its strategic goals for the organization as a whole.  HP Adaptive Endpoint Management, says the company, also frees IT from day-to-day PC management. With the help of HP service experts, the service automatically provisions PCs with Microsoft Autopilot and enforces security policies from the cloud. 


HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager frees up IT resources through remote configuration, securing, and updating the BIOS of HP commercial PCs. IT can create policies for groups of devices, customizing over 100 different HP BIOS settings. They can systematically push the desired settings to the correct devices during their initial setup and change settings remotely as needed—all through the cloud. Finally, for the enterprise and settings relying on thin clients, HP Cloud Endpoint manager gives IT the ability to manage thousands of HP thin clients through an easy-to-use interface. It is a cloud-ready solution designed for IT. It is accessible from any location from a web browser, and HP says it will help IT prioritize their day through customizable dashboards.

What do we think?

IT used to be the nice people who came to your deskside and helped you untangle whatever mess you’d made and gently chide you for installing software on your own and tell you to never ever try to fix stuff for yourself. Then they’d walk off telling you the situation was fixed and invariably it was not. It’s inevitable that those people become further and further removed from us since we’re becoming further and further removed from our workplace, though ever closer to our work. And, it’s unlikely anyone will complain as long as it works and as long as it can be rolled back.