Lenovo all-in-one Android PC with an Intel processor

Lenovo launches a second line of Android-based machines

Jon Peddie

Lenovo has introduced the ThinkCentre M70a, an all-in-one Android PC with a 21-inch touch screen and a choice of 12th-gen Intel Core CPUs, ranging from Core i3 to Core i9, priced between $889 and $1,250. Lenovo’s collaboration with Esper aims to target customers in industries like retail, hospitality, and healthcare. Android offers a more reliable alternative for point-of-sale systems, kiosks, and digital signage, where users don’t require diverse apps but need reliable booting into custom environments. Lenovo plans to offer Esper’s solutions on other devices as well, including the ThinkCentre M70q, ThinkEdge SE30, and ThinkCentre M90n-1 IoT. Android devices currently make up 41% of enterprise fleets, surpassing Windows, iOS, and Linux.

Lenovo PC
(Source: Lenovo)

What do we think? This is not Lenovo’s first adventure with Android in the OPC space. The company has offered the Qualcomm Snapdragon-based ThinkPad X13 for Windows for a few now. It seems strange they would incur all the costs associated with switching to Intel processors to run Android.

Lenovo looks to Intel for its ThinkCentre M70a, an all-in-one Android PC

Lenovo has taken an unconventional approach by introducing the ThinkCentre M70a, an all-in-one desktop PC running Android.

Lenovo thinks Android-powered systems will find a niche in sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, and retail, where reliability and customized boot environments are crucial.

Esper, Lenovo’s partner in this venture, positions these PCs as ideal for POS (point-of-sale) systems, kiosks, and digital signage. Lenovo also plans to offer Esper’s solutions on other devices, including the small form factor ThinkCentre M70q and the rugged fanless edge client ThinkEdge SE30.

The ThinkCentre M70 will be the first Esper-based system with16GB DDR4 3200MHz and 512GB PCIe SSD. Prices start at $889 and increase beyond $1,250.

Lenovo laptop
Lenovo’s Snapdragon-based Windows laptop. (Source: Lenovo)