Making wireless headphones work with VR HMD

Cutting the cord is not as easy as it sounds

Jon Peddie

If you’ve ever worn a tethered VR HMD you know the frustration and fear of the tangled jumble of wires dangling off your neck like an umbilical cord from some alien creature. Those wanting a beefier and more immersive audio experience through PC sound cards like the Creative Labs Sound Blaster series are further cursed by extra wires that just complicate our VR world further.

Using wireless Bluetooth headphones or just getting this enhanced audio directly from the headset seems like a logical and simple solution to reduce some of this drag. It seems like, but easier to say than to do. Seems there’s a lot of software tricks that need to be accomplished to get that simple thing to work.

But, if you're diligent, persistent, and maybe a bit obsessive, it can be done—and you’ll get that immersive audio pay-off you’ve been obsessing over.

If you’re like me and impatient, not the smarter than the average bear, and easily distracted, then it’s really really hard.

But, the caped crusader and obsessive-compulsive superhero from the north are here to save the day. Neil Schneider of Meant-to-be-Seen 3D fame (and now the boss of TIFCA) figured it out and has a video and written instructions for those who like to enjoy a truly immersive audio experience without the extra wires.To his wife’s horror, he even got the technique to work on his extra-loud 5.1 surround sound system at all hours of the day…and night.

Go here and check it out. If you watch the video you’ll see what a hero (with no life obviously) Neil is.

Happy VR’ing.