Siemens takes over management of PLM World changes name to PLM Connection

Posted: Kathleen Maher 02.09.18

The major conference for Siemens PLM users, PLM World was founded and managed in 2000 by the PLM World organization, an organization of user groups. This year’s show, PLM World 2018 will be managed by the users groups and after that the show will transition to PLM Connections and will be managed by Siemens. Siemens says the users will “maintain a strong voice influencing Siemens’ future software development and ongoing innovation.”

Siemens Revenue by division. (Source: Statistica)

Siemens PLM software has been expanding through the support and influence of its parent company Siemens AG and we are told it is a segment of Siemens that is growing and profitable. (Though in these chaotic days, that’s definitely a qualified statement.) Siemens PLM is part of the Digital Factory business in Siemens, which is the division with the highest margins. Just as important Siemens PLM benefits as a provider of services within the Digital Factory group and to the other divisions of Siemens. That is a focus for the company’s growth and probably contributes to why the company wants to take over the conference.

In 2017, Siemens digital factory reported revenues of 11.3 billion Euros, a 12% increase over 2016.

As the company says, Siemens PLM business transformation includes major acquisitions such as Mentor Graphics, and CD-Adapco, and the development of the cloud-based Mindsphere for IoT all of which pushes the company into a broader domain than PLM. Siemens says, “The end goal of the transition will be to provide customers with a holistic platform for digital innovation across both the lifecycle and the enterprise.”

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