Streaming gaming is the next big thing

Really really big

Jon Peddie



It’s hard to pinpoint who started it, but if not Nvidia, Nvidia was one of the first to demonstrate remote access and execution of games on client machines. The demos, done in 2012 were intriguing, and not everyone fully understood the why of it. Network speeds weren’t as fast then, and so it was easy to criticize the concept. But Nvidia and few others had a vision, and today all – A L L  the big names in cloud providers and game publisher/developers are offering, or promising to offer, cloud gaming.

Neil Schneider of TIFCA has written a good overview of the concept, need, and possible outcome, you can read it here. Says Schneider, “When Google Stadia was first revealed at the 2019 Game Developers Conference, my mind was spinning because I knew this was going to change everything.  My thoughts were confirmed further when Sony described the console as a “niche market” product, Bethesda revealed Orion streaming technology at E3 Expo, and Microsoft complemented their upcoming console with gaming anywhere anytime via their upcoming Project xCloud streaming service.”

If your curious about cloud gaming, AKA streaming gaming, read his blog. If you’re curious about the market size and potential, give us a call, we just happened to have a report on it.