Living the fantasy: B.S.B.B. MKII: Call it art

We came across the B.S.B.B. MKII while wandering aimlessly around GDC. Cordoned off, alone in the exhibit area, a man sat in the control center barking orders, or receiving them, we’re not complexly sure in an industrial cockpit complete with blinking lights, colored switches, fire alarms, and a landline phone for emergencies.  The B.S.B.B. MK II traveled from its permanent … Read more

You are not a number

The stars come out for Apple and for themselves. Apple’s new services promise new outlets for artists. Oprah’s presence was enough to bring a tear to Tim’s eye. (Source: Apple keynote).   Apple’s keynote unveiling new subscription services started off with the usual pep-rally atmosphere. It should be embarrassing, but that just doesn’t seem to happen to these people. There … Read more

Epic’s new adventures

Every year, Unreal CEO Tim Sweeney and his executive team, set the stage for the GDC conference with their annual State of the Industry presentation. According to Tim Sweeney and company, the state of the industry is pretty darned good and to prove it, Epic is making investments in the game developer community, teaming with major players to enable streaming … Read more

GDC: Five guys and Jon: Torching the cat

The Machine Learning for Games panel (GDC, 21st March), hosted by Imagination Technologies and moderated by our very own Dr. Peddie, gave us a pretty good sense of where we are on some parts of that topic, as well as an indication that we need to be very careful to define terms. Panel mambers represented mobile, desktop, and console gaming. … Read more