Happy birthday EVGA

  EVGA celebrated its nineteenth anniversary this week,and held a scavenger hunt on its web page by placing 10 hidden badges on their website. The company is offering a huge list of prizes including gaming PCs, Processors, a Monitor, sound bar, SSDs, memory, VR headset, keyboards, gear, and EVGA bucks.  The company also introduced an Anniversary Retro Wave Gaming event on the … Read more

Money Can’t Buy You Love

In computer graphics, too much is not enough. I first said that in 1980 I think, and its been true ever since. That’s why I’m such a pixel pig, sitting here writing this with 50 megapixels spread across three 31-inch monitors in front of me (4K-8K-4K), and I’d take more if I could get it (and an AIB to drive … Read more