Qualcomm’s 888 5G 668 GPU

At Qualcomm’s 2020 Snapdragon Tech Summit, the company introduced its flagship Snapdragon 888 5G SoC. The company hopes it will set the benchmark for flagship smartphones in 2021. The new SoC integrates 5G along with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth audio. Qualcomm claims the 880’s new Adreno 660 GPU will deliver a 35% increase in graphics rendering (measured presumably in fps). … Read more

Arm Mali-G78 GPU

Arm introduced their latest SoC IP design, the Mali-G78, and claims that the GPU offers 25% better performance as a result of architectural, process, and other improvements compared to the old Mali-G77 2019 devices. The Mali G78 offers support for up to 24 cores, the most ever for Arm, and their new async technology improves scalability, and reduces energy consumption. Arm claims they’ve achieved … Read more

Think Silicon shows early preview of industry’s first RISC-V GPU

At the upcoming RISC-V Summit, Think Silicon will reveal what it claims is the industry’s first RISC-V ISA based 3D GPU—the NEOX|V. The new offering, says the company, provides a platform for implementation in multiple embedded and external devices across many consumer and industrial vertical markets including graphics, compute, and AI for IoT/Edge/Compute. Think Silicon believes the NEOX|V will also … Read more

Arm’s new Valhall-based Mali-G57

Arm has expanded its Mali graphics portfolio with its new G57 GPU. Targeted at the mainstream market. Mali-G57 is Arm’s first mainstream GPU based on the new Valhall architecture, following the premium Mali-G77 GPU launched back in May this year. The G77 is targeted at the premium mobile market. Arm says the Mali-G57 enables a number of features not traditionally … Read more

Mali-V76 VPU from Arm.

Arm’s recent Premium Launch gave us an insight into upcoming products aimed at the higher end of the mobile and consumer device markets. In there with the new Cortex-A76 CPU and the Mali-G76 GPU (subscribers see related story) was the Mali-V76 VPU, a new video codec IP core that delivers 8K UHD encode and decode.  Integration of Arm’s IP engines … Read more

Who Wants an Old-Fashioned Game Machine

The same kind of people who collect vinyl records, postage stamps, old train sets, or automobiles also want the great memories of the past in form of gaming. The open source low cost Arduboy Several companies, mostly startups, have developed clever handheld machines. Most of them have failed like the Reto Computer Limited company discussed elsewhere in this issue. Some … Read more

Arm Expands Bifrost to New Mali-G76

Arm has been steadily improving the Mali GPU since they acquired it from Falanx twelve years ago. The little GPU has found its way into TVs, phones and tablets, automobiles, and various consumer and industrial devices. The little GPU that could, and did, has gone through several architectural evolutions, the latest being the Bifrost and implemented in the Mali-G71 last … Read more

ARM’s Mali-Cetus display processor

ARM’s latest video processor, Mali-V61, announced ahead of launch As greater demands are made on the CPU and GPU in a mobile device, the display processor can be used to offload those programmable processors to fixed function hardware to ease real-time performance needs and reduce power. The display processor performs multi-layer composition, orthogonal rotation, high quality up and downscaling, color … Read more