Is it real or just realistic?

Chaos Group’s V-Ray for Cinema4D creates Pamporovo – There a ski resort in Bulgaria called Pamporovo. Some of the Chaos Group employees may have spent some time there. To celebrate the release of V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D

Maxon rolls out C4D R23 and Maxon One

Maxon has been making the most of its pandemic. The company’s engineers have been hunkered down and developing. The company’s development teams for Redshift and Red Giant are putting out new releases and according to Maxon’s Head of Community and Customer Experience, Paul Babb, they are working together as a Maxon family. The end result is the Cinema 4D R24 … Read more

Maxon updates features and licensing for Cinema 4D

Maxon is modernizing on all fronts. At Siggraph 2019, the company outlined new features and tools for Cinema 4D R 21, Maxon’s flagship 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. Maxon is consolidating all of the options available for Cinema 4D into one central version, and the company has announced a new subscription plan to replace Maxon’s comparatively high upfront purchase … Read more

Big year for graphics in the Academy’s Science and Technical Awards

The Academy Awards have been announced and now the jockeying for position has begun, but all the deciding has been done for Academy’s Science and Technical Awards and the usual suspects welcome a new entrant to the ranks. Maxon’s Cinema 4D has been recognized for the first time by the Academy. Per-Anders will be awarded an Academy of Motion Picture … Read more

Adobe acquires Allegorithmic

Allegorithmic, one of the most interesting companies in the graphics business, today has been acquired by Adobe. As a small company, Allegorithmic's revenues represent a drop in the bucket to Adobe, so there’s no financial information provided. Since the company's founding in 2002 in Auvergne, France, the company has captured the interest of graphics professionals and lately has been growing rapidly. For … Read more

Cinema 4D 20 arrives

Maxon introduced Cinema 4D release 20 at Siggraph this year and rolled out the new software weeks later. They’ve got that stable cadence down, as befits a German company, though the company has a strong North American presence as well since the US is Cinema 4D’s largest user base. Maxon is a 3D modeling and animation tool with a strong … Read more

Maxon gets new CEO

Maxon’s parent company Nemetschek has always been an interesting company, more a group of independent companies with a layer of infrastructure on top to provide some management and bookkeeping. The structure has served the company well since its founding in 1986. The individual companies were motivated to excel on their own. But, in some instances, it seemed the company wasn’t … Read more