Bob Raikes

Who anticipated that 8K will be illegal?

(Source: Samsung) Viewers crave resolution. After all, who wouldn’t prefer watching their favorite film or TV series in 8K if given the choice. Well, those in the EU may not have that choice come March 2023. That is when new TV energy consumption regulations are due to take effect that prohibit the sale of new 8K sets in the region. … Read more

8K TV is going to develop

At the time of this writing, I’ve already been at IFA 2022 for a couple of days (the show ran from September 2–6 in Berlin). I have been in the Samsung Innovation room, where the firm and a number of independent specialists have been talking about developments. There were six topics discussed, and I’ll cover one of them here—the one … Read more

So, what is it going to take to deliver all-day wearable AR glasses?

AR glasses have to be as comfortable to wear as regular eyeglasses or sunglasses. (Source: eBay)   A few weeks ago, I spotted an interesting article on the long-form “medium” platform from Avi Bar-Zeev. He's been at Disney, Keyhole (acquired by Google), Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple, and has had his own consultancy. After 30 years in the AR and VR business, his views … Read more

Hyphy has a solution to 8K display issues

A favorite area of the Display Week show is the iZone, which provides a way for small start-ups or not-yet-commercial research projects to show what they are doing with a low level of financial commitment. At the latest show in San Jose several weeks ago, I stopped by to talk to Hyphy, which has a new approach to internal display … Read more

Personalized viewing ready for takeoff

A personalized message that only you can see at the airport. (Source: Delta)   It's four years since Display Daily published an article (subscription required for viewing) that set out the ideas from Misapplied Sciences relating to being able to direct multiple images on a display directly to particular viewers. Now the technology is being tried by Delta Air Lines … Read more

The long view on LCDs vs. OLEDs

A couple of friends, well versed in the technology and graphics industries, recently expressed surprise when I mentioned the withdrawal of Samsung from the LCD business. We had an email exchange, and I thought I'd turn that into a Display Daily piece. If you watch the industry all the time, there's not much new here, but I hope the summary … Read more

The HDR Gaming Interest Group arrives on the scene

Sony and Microsoft have formed the HDR Gaming Interest Group (HGiG) and have invited TV game developers, hardware manufacturers, and others to participate in an effort to improve the HDR gaming experience. The proposed initiatives will also change how a game console and TV interoperate, and could be extended to PC gaming, and maybe even mobile devices. The group entered … Read more