Neal Leavitt

The case for desktop workstations

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) recently reported that the overall workstation market volume in Q1’21 grew about 27.7% YoY, a milestone for workstation sales. The strong rebound in workstation shipments was no surprise, as positive signs regarding the pandemic by mid-quarter (in the US and EMEA particularly), along with successful deployment of vaccines (though geographically varying) clearly improved purchasing outlooks among … Read more

Smartglasses: Truly interactive or passive viewing goggles?

It's been nearly a decade since Google Glass landed on the scene. Still, many new smartglasses entrants remain plagued by essentially an underwhelming experience. Yes, there are already AR apps for art, directions, learning, trying on clothes, choosing new furniture, and more. But few smartglasses bring AR experiences to life. Real interactivity is missing. AR smartglasses designed for cycling and … Read more