GEE F decides to be GF

Globalfoundries agrees to what the world said

Jon Peddie

After 12 years of insisting, global foundries was one unpronounceable word, and the rest of the world referred to it as GF, or GloFlo. GF (aka: Global Foundries) has decided to call itself GF.  Gee, what a clever idea.

They celebrated the spectacular and amazing name change with a mark designed to provoke vertigo in most adults and anyone wearing corrective lenses.

Contrary to the popular discussion, GF did not stand for German Foundry even though the company’s showcase foundry is in Dresden. Meanwhile, back in Malta, NY, CEO Tom Caulfield says GF is ramping up production at its New York based Fab 8 to double the site’s current capacity and directly address the global chip shortage. GF will invest $1 billion to add an additional 150,000 wafers per year. It will also build a new fab that will create 1,000 new high-tech jobs and more indirect jobs. Caulfield says “Our industry is expected to grow more in the next decade than it did in the past 50 years, and GF is stepping up to do its part as we work together to address the growing demand for technology innovation.” He adds that the company is “honored to continue the critical discussions needed to create a reliable supply of American-made chips to support the U.S. economy and national security.” The facility will also support national security requirements for a secure supply chain.

GF is also planning to expand its global footprint with a new fab in Singapore and expansion in Germany to the tune of $1 billion.

There are some who suggest that GF is just making itself pretty for a new suitor. Rumors are afoot that Intel is seeking to buy GF for $30 billion but as of this writing that doesn’t look real likely. Tom Caulfield has told Reuters he has a much better idea. He’s going to take GF public in 2025 and there is another report out of Abu Dhabi where GF’s real owners live—Mubadala Investment Co. says they’re not talking to Intel about a sale. 

So, given the exciting changes going in and around GF … a new logo? Why the hell not?