Escape reality with ARVision

Its ARiddle platform is a hub for multiplayer AR games and escape room experiences.

Karen Moltenbrey

Riddle me this: Where can gamers go to play AR multiplayer titles and AR escape room experiences? All joking aside, the answer is ARVision’s ARiddle.

Montreal-based ARVision Games was founded in 2020 with a focus on AR gaming. Looking to expand development and distribution of AR content, ARVision has developed an AR multiplayer mobile gaming platform called ARiddle.

For now, the platform offers a handful of homegrown titles, developed with partners, that are AR experiences with an escape room theme and featuring augmented reality puzzles, challenging riddles, and more. But that is only a small part of the company’s vision, as it plans to build up a large library of AR titles from outside developers as well as partners, enabling users to access the AR games and experiences from a single location.

AR Vision
(Source: ARVision Games)

The company recently closed its beta program for the escapism Biohazard, played over the ARVision platform. Also available on ARiddle is The Secret of Anubis, a collaboration with Mad More US in which players immerse themselves in an Egyptian-style AR escape room adventure. For another experience, Chocolate Factory, ARVision teamed up with Game Over Escape Rooms to port its expertise in the real-life escape game industry to the augmented reality realm, bringing the experience to where players are located, rather than vice versa.

ARVision plans to turn ARiddle into a centralized hub for AR content—a Netflix for AR games, if you will. Similar to that video platform, ARiddle enables users to access AR games through the mobile platform for iOS and Android devices.