Three new Alienware monitors

Alienware has always been a style leader. The company epitomized that with the revolutionary Area 51 chassis. There’s not much you can do with a monitor design-wise. A big flat panel on a stand is pretty hard to make sexy. Nonetheless, the company has carried through with its sense of design to create monitors with distinctive style and with features … Read more

CES 2019, a gap year

The gadget show of the year showcased new tech in all categories: from health care to TVs, cars, and robots. The darlings of the past, like 3D printing and VR, didn’t get quite the same play but cars and their entertainment systems are always there as are new TVs and PCs.  The CES Innovation awards are a little like third-grade … Read more

Dell at Gamescom

Gamescom saw the introduction of new products from Dell under the brand name of Alienware and Dell. Dell used the event to preview new products coming soon in the September 2018 time frame.  Dell showed two new Dell monitors and Alienware gaming laptops & desktops. Dell launched its 24-inch and 27-inch monitors with  AMD Freesync support for a smooth gaming … Read more

Money Can’t Buy You Love

In computer graphics, too much is not enough. I first said that in 1980 I think, and its been true ever since. That’s why I’m such a pixel pig, sitting here writing this with 50 megapixels spread across three 31-inch monitors in front of me (4K-8K-4K), and I’d take more if I could get it (and an AIB to drive … Read more

Changing face of gaming debunks long held stereotypes

New study commissioned by Alienware details gamer habits, attitudes, and understanding of today’s gaming community Alienware commissioned a study of gamers and it revealed some changes to long held beliefs about the community. New Dell study reports gaming community is growing larger than ever due to diversification and inclusiveness, resulting in a gaming market that exceeded $30 billion in 2016 … Read more

Alienware Ultrawide Curved Gaming Displays

If you’ve got the budget, these monitors can’t be beat I have something to admit; and I never thought this would come to pass. After a motorcycling crash UCL tear (thumb tendon injury) I temporarily and almost permanently became….a……a…….console gamer. There I said it as shameful as it is. Being able to sit back on my couch with multiple ice … Read more