The future of 3D: Metaverse

There is no metaverse—there will never be a metaverse. There are dozens of metaverses and soon probably hundreds. Which view you hold depends on the definition of what a metaverse is, and we repeat: There is no definition—there are several definitions. Where everyone and everything can interact seamlessly across physical and virtual worlds. The concept of a metaverse is developing, … Read more

Siemens unveils Xcelerator, its new open digital business platform.

(Source: Siemens AG) Siemens AG is looking at the future and has realized that to make digital transformations faster and easier for everyone, partnerships are needed. “No company can do this alone,” says Peter Koerte, Siemens chief technology and strategy officer. With that in mind, Siemens made two major announcements yesterday. The first is a new open digital business platform … Read more