Harrison Garovi

Microsoft discontinues ill-fated Kinect

The Kinect has met its demise. Microsoft’s infamous motion camera, the Kinect, has officially been axed. A product that has received mixed reviews throughout its lifecycle and has also been accused, to put it mildly, of being shoved down the throats of consumers, maintained a rather interesting existence.Microsoft’s infamous motion camera, the Kinect, has officially been axed. A product that … Read more

Sony updates PlayStation Move controllers and VR headset

The PlayStation Move controller we have become accustomed to has kept its original design since its inception in 2010 as a PlayStation 3 hardware accessory paired with the PlayStation Eye. In the last year, the Move controller has become a necessary piece of hardware alongside its newer companion, PlayStation VR—a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4.   In just a … Read more

Toshiba agrees to sell memory chip business for $18B but must overcome a few more obstacles

Toshiba’s struggles to maintain status on the Tokyo Stock Exchange In 2006, Toshiba acquired Westinghouse’s nuclear subsidiary with the hope they would be able to participate in nuclear projects in the United States. Subsequently, the nuclear subsidiary has filed for bankruptcy after experiencing a rough year of cost overruns and price surges on projects in Georgia and South Carolina; projects … Read more

Oculus Go headset limbos under the $200 bar for consumers

At Facebook’s recent Oculus Connect 4 Keynote VR conference, Facebook announced a variety of new products and features. The most notable product announcement is the $199 Oculus Go, an entry-level VR product that Facebook believes will be adopted by the masses.  Facebook is keeping their fingers crossed that Oculus Go, with its big price difference from the $399 Oculus Rift, … Read more

Google I/O 2017 – What to take away

Google vows to pursue an “AI first” future Google’s annual developer conference Google I/O presented by CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled new and innovative products and updates on their product line. Announcements and new products include Google Lens, Google Assistant, Android Go, and Cloud TPUs (Tensor Processing Units, ASICs dedicated to accelerating machine learning). Google is striving to pursue a new … Read more