Ted Pollak

​AMD Advantage Desktop PC program

Admiring the cutting-edge power under the hood of an AMD Advantage Desktop. (Source: JPR) During AMD’s “together we advance_gaming” event held in Las Vegas, we were briefed on their AMD Advantage Desktop program. AMD has previously partnered with PC makers on certified notebook configurations but have now expanded to desktop computers. They are aiming for the highest end of the … Read more

The Varjo Reality Cloud

To understand the “why the world needs it” aspect of industrial XR, one really needs to experience it. I have talked to many people who say it’s not even necessary and all its functionality can be experienced on a traditional display system. This is simply not true. To be able to see a product at eye level with massive resolution … Read more

Arma 3: In the thick of combat

I jumped back into the saddle last night playing Arma 3 with Vietnam War Mod, a realistic open-world military tactical shooter video game from Bohemia Interactive.