Ted Pollak

Penny Arcade achieves 15-year milestone for gaming conference series

PAX West 2019 Seattle Convention Center. (Source: JPR)   Penny Arcade (PAX) started in 2004 in Bellevue, Washington, born of a desire by webcomic authors Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik to hold a show exclusively for gaming.  The three-day Labor Day weekend conference featured presentations, rock & roll performances, a tournament, and collectible pin trading. There was also a curated … Read more

Oculus Go is the best $200 TV on the market

  The oft-maligned VR industry is on the verge of growth. The headsets are going tetherless and there is continued improvement in reducing the screen door effect. I have tried probably 15 VR and MR headsets over the years and the one that changed my mind is one of the least expensive. The Qualcomm-based Oculus Go. But the killer app … Read more

Nvidia GTC: Gaming Perspective

Gaming is still the major cash cow for the company and they haven’t forgotten that By design, the Nvidia GTC had very little gaming content but they did display a few products and technologies worthy of mention. BFGD Just when we thought we had everything properly segmented; Nvidia goes off the reservation and breaks all the rules with the “TV … Read more

Alienware Ultrawide Curved Gaming Displays

If you’ve got the budget, these monitors can’t be beat I have something to admit; and I never thought this would come to pass. After a motorcycling crash UCL tear (thumb tendon injury) I temporarily and almost permanently became….a……a…….console gamer. There I said it as shameful as it is. Being able to sit back on my couch with multiple ice … Read more

Intel Extreme Masters eSports Tournament, Oakland CA

From time to time, we attend eSports tournaments from time to time to take the pulse of this burgeoning phenomenon. eSports are not new to the world however and date back to the 1970’s when people would organize small tournaments around arcade games. Since then eSports slowly gained momentum but not until the maturation of streaming technology and the evolution … Read more

On the floor at Oculus Connect

Those who didn’t make it to the Oculus show floor missed out, because Oculus Connect is the best exhibition of quality VR there is, based on my experience of attending four different VR conferences.  Unlike some content at other events, the VR experiences available at Connect were totally smooth. I very easily get motion sickness but never had a problem … Read more

E3 2017: rise of the machines

PCs were in prominent display at E3—finally No I am not talking about Terminators, I’m talking about PCs—gaming PCs. This year E3 had the most PC presence (by units on the floor) ever in my experience of its history. I believe this was attributable to three primary factors. The first is the persistent rise of the PC as the world’s … Read more

The Future of Visual Computing is Hybrid Reality

The future of face-mounted computing (sorry head; I choose to use face) will not be Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality; but a hybrid of both. To me, Virtual and Augmented Reality are not good names for hardware platforms. They are a way of experiencing computer-generated information. For example. Take a person with Google Glass, to date the most recognized and … Read more