The Dragon snapped up Oculus 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is the latest result of years of collaboration between Qualcomm and Facebook to offer an immersive self-contained gaming VR device for consumers. Qualcomm’s contribution is its Snapdragon XR2 Platform and the company claims its latest version offers staggering improvements. The company says these improvements include, twice the CPU and GPU performance compared to its predecessor [the … Read more

Facebook kills Oculus Go

Facebook launched Oculus Go two years ago in May 2018 and it sold for $199. The device was an all-in-one VR headset capable of operating without tethering to a computer or relying on a smartphone for its computing power. Since then, Facebook has launched the $399 Quest, a more powerful all-in-one headset, and the $399 Rift S, which must be … Read more

Lynx’s standalone XR HMD

Claiming to be the first 6DoF standalone passthrough video AR headset, the three-year-old, 10-person, Paris-based startup Lynx has introduced their Lynx-R1 that is scheduled to ship this summer. Introduced at the 2020 SPIE conference in San Francisco on February 3rd, the HMD uses an occluded display as a VR headset does with pass-through video for AR, making it a mixed … Read more

Adobe acquires Oculus Medium for its immersive group

Adobe’s 3D and Immersive (3D&I) group has announced the addition of Oculus Medium to an emerging portfolio that includes Dimension, Substance, and Aero, tools that complement Adobe’s flagship products Photoshop and After Effects. Facebook’s Oculus Medium was introduced to the world along with the Oculus controllers in 2016. It differs from other 3D paint tools like Facebook’s Quill and Google’s … Read more

Oculus Go is the best $200 TV on the market

  The oft-maligned VR industry is on the verge of growth. The headsets are going tetherless and there is continued improvement in reducing the screen door effect. I have tried probably 15 VR and MR headsets over the years and the one that changed my mind is one of the least expensive. The Qualcomm-based Oculus Go. But the killer app … Read more

What the hell is a Focal Surface Display?

Ask Oculus, they’ve invented one Oculus has announced what they call groundbreaking technology, Focal Surface Display. The new technology is designed to improve the vergence-accommodation conflict that impacts today’s VR headsets.  Oculus has built a first binocular multifocal testbed with integrated eye tracking and accommodation measurement, which will make wearing headsets more comfortable for longer viewing.  To back up a … Read more

On the floor at Oculus Connect

Those who didn’t make it to the Oculus show floor missed out, because Oculus Connect is the best exhibition of quality VR there is, based on my experience of attending four different VR conferences.  Unlike some content at other events, the VR experiences available at Connect were totally smooth. I very easily get motion sickness but never had a problem … Read more