The arguments for ultrawide monitors

The more you can see, the more you can do

Oculus Connect 6 and the state of VR

VR is more than just VR now

I care about pixels, Apples’ and everybody else’s

Lawyers don’t know anything about pixels

China buys China—is the war over?

China owns considerable market share in world markets and these days, the country is capturing even more mind share, but what is China's ultimate goal? It's possible China wants most of all to own its own market.

The inexorable rise of open source

Open Source was once a curiosity and the question always asked, but how do you make money? Turns out, that's not the question. After a good decade and a half of proving the point, open source tools are enabling companies to save huge amounts of money by re-using and adapting code already written. Developers making use of open source tools are leveraging the talents of a worldwide army of programmers dedicated to making software work better.

The end of seasonality

  The world as we know it is over. Dead, done, gone. We no longer have anything to count on, or a method with which to count.  This is what the world used to look ...

The Lisa Su effect

If you believed, you’d a lot richer today

How warm are your tubes?

Let’s bring back the biggest and warmest

CES 2019, random news

CES this year was notable for a few reasons. Great big giant TVs have fallen off the radar of the general interest tech pubs to be replaced by gadgets and bread-baking boxes. It seems TV ...

Free GPU — looking a gift horse in the mouth

You never paid for it— shut up

PC decline: what happened in 2010 to 2012?

Although the economic conditions have improved across the board, the PC market is not growing. It remains flat, to decline. Why?

The Danger of Taking the Console Route in VR

Oculus needs to avoid making a BIG mistake with the PC market