Augmented Reality

Apple’s AR glasses expected by late 2024

Concept render by Ian Zelbo based on purported leaked information.    TrendForce, which tracks and reports on display components, thinks the microLED chip market will start growing in 2024 and soar in 2026.  MicroLED AR glasses display chip market. (Source: TrendForce) As you may recall, in May 2014, Apple bought LuxView, a microLED company. And no doubt you heard last … Read more

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy makes holographic appearance

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy during the volumetric video capture shoot. (Source: Evercoast) What better way to communicate with an important group on an important matter than by speaking in a language common to all? That is the tack Ukraine’s beleaguered President Volodymyr Zelenskyy took very recently in his speech to investors and corporate leaders. He delivered his speech in English and … Read more

Another $500 million goes to magic leap

The doctor will see you now—bring your checkbook   Magic Leap was founded by Rony Abovitz in 2010 and raised $2.6 billion from a prestigious list of investors. In December 2016, Forbes estimated that Magic Leap was worth $4.5 billion. On July 11, 2018, AT&T invested in the company and became its exclusive partner.  Singapore’s Temasek valued the startup at … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

(Source: Xiaomi) Xiaomi (pronounced show-me) announced their cleverly named Xiaomi Smart Glasses—the latest entry in new smart wearable devices. Xiaomi says their Smart Glasses (XSG) combine imaging systems and sensors into a subtle, ordinary glasses design using MicroLEDs with optical waveguide technology. The XSFs weigh 51 g. By comparison, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer weighs 45 g, but unlike the conventional Ray-ban, … Read more

FYR bug’s eye AR glasses

Traditional HMDs are bulky, power-hungry, and most of them fill only a small portion of the visual field with limited resolution. Those limitations plague every industry supplier and user in the AR and VR market, from manufacturing, training, and medical to military and entertainment. The issues are not new or unusual problems; it’s simply physics: there’s only so much light … Read more

Facebook reveals smart glasses: Ray-Ban stories

(Source: Facebook)   Facebook worked with Ray-Ban to design sunglasses to take photos, record video, answer phone calls, and play podcasts. You need to be a Facebook subscriber to use those services, but who isn’t a Facebook user? The unstylish-looking Wayfarer sunglasses is the first product from a multiyear collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, the Italian-French vertically integrated multinational corporation based in … Read more

Smartglasses: Truly interactive or passive viewing goggles?

It's been nearly a decade since Google Glass landed on the scene. Still, many new smartglasses entrants remain plagued by essentially an underwhelming experience. Yes, there are already AR apps for art, directions, learning, trying on clothes, choosing new furniture, and more. But few smartglasses bring AR experiences to life. Real interactivity is missing. AR smartglasses designed for cycling and … Read more