Kathleen Maher

Tim Cook sniffs at metaverse; gives the nod to AR

The metaverse is hot stuff right now, and there are big companies and big bucks chasing the idea. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is not one of them.  During a recent tour through Europe, Tim Cook said in an interview with Dutch news outlet Bright, that he sees more immediate opportunity in AR. He expressed interest in the ability of AR … Read more

MovieLabs looks out to 2030

MovieLabs is a non-profit industry organization founded in 2006 by Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Warner Bros. to do advanced research and development. The organization came together to prepare for the digital tidal wave coming their way as film-based moviemaking started to give way to digital workflows and distribution. At that time, the organization was concerned … Read more

Avid promotes collaborative, distributed workflows at IBC

Avid CEO Jeff Rosica at IBC2022. (Source: IBC)   IBC2022 stands as a significant milestone in the history of digital content creation. It comes as the latest wave of Covid infections have subsided and as people worldwide are going back to work. During the last three years, people have turned to remote working, and cloud-based video editing tools are accepted … Read more

GPUs change the engineering simulation landscape

Since the start of the year, Jon Peddie Research has been conducting a series of interviews with leading CAE software vendors such as Altair, Ansys, Dassault Systèmes, Hexagon, and Siemens Digital Industries Software. We’ve been working with Nvidia to understand how the industry is changing in response to GPU acceleration now available in many CAE applications and workflows. The results … Read more

Khronos joins the ASWF

We may think of Siggraph as a showcase for splashy movie effects, showy content creation apps, video software, and video graphics pioneers—and it is—but off in the side rooms, over drinks and again with coffee, Siggraph is where progress is made. One example is the USD story; originally, Pixar’s common format to enable content exchange, Universal Scene Description, was opened … Read more

Omid Rahmat joins Jon Peddie Research as EVP

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) today announced the appointment of industry veteran Omid Rahmat as executive vice president. Rahmat is a senior executive with broad experience in starting and managing hardware and software companies in the areas of computer graphics, digital media, and mobile. He has worked with major semiconductor companies, traditional software vendors, SaaS developers, and world-leading media conglomerates.    Omid … Read more

Twinmotion grows into the Epic ecosystem

In 2022 Twinmotion gets high-res rendering new content and more. (Source: Twinmotion)   It’s been a while since we’ve reported on Twinmotion, and as a result, there’s plenty to talk about. In the give-it-to-me-now world, we live in, it may have seemed as if Epic was moving slowly in the process of integrating Twinmotion since it was acquired in 2019. … Read more

Siemens’ next steps for the cloud

At Siemens’ recent Media and Analyst Conference held in Detroit in early April, President and CEO, Digital Industries Software Tony Hemmelgarn said their rollout of Xcelerator as a Service is gaining momentum and broadening its reach. Siemens’ Xcelerator is the company’s brand for its portfolio of products, tools, and services that can be combined by customers to create customized processes. … Read more

The transformation of CFD: GPUs go to work on hard problems

(Source: Siemens)   Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation is a powerful tool for design and is used extensively for automotive, aeronautic, and marine design where air and water flows are vital to the performance of cars, planes, and boats. It has much broader applications as well. CFD comes in handy in content creation for simulating fire, smoke, lava flows, and … Read more

Rethinking trade shows; Avid takes a time out

Avid has announced that it has decided to pause its participation in tradeshows throughout 2022. The company says it doesn’t plan to participate in the conferences organized by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), or National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).

Rethinking trade shows; Avid takes a time out

The general thinking in the US is that as Omicron loosens its grip, the pandemic will also recede to become something a recurring seasonal illness like the flu and colds—annoying but not deadly. Eventually, that probably is what happens but in the meantime, companies are rethinking their marketing strategies. 2019 was more important than we realized. NAB, IBC, CES, and … Read more