Kathleen Maher

3D of Substance

Substance Modeler. (Source: Adobe)    At Adobe Max 2022, Adobe came through on its promise to advance Adobe Substance 3D, its portfolio of 3D content creation tools, by releasing a series of key new features along with a brand-new 3D sculpting tool: Substance 3D Modeler. Also, at Max 2022, Adobe left clues, pointers, and demos to new capabilities including full-3D … Read more

Tim Cook sniffs at metaverse; gives the nod to AR

The metaverse is hot stuff right now, and there are big companies and big bucks chasing the idea. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is not one of them.  During a recent tour through Europe, Tim Cook said in an interview with Dutch news outlet Bright, that he sees more immediate opportunity in AR. He expressed interest in the ability of AR … Read more

MovieLabs looks out to 2030

MovieLabs is a non-profit industry organization founded in 2006 by Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Warner Bros. to do advanced research and development. The organization came together to prepare for the digital tidal wave coming their way as film-based moviemaking started to give way to digital workflows and distribution. At that time, the organization was concerned … Read more

Avid promotes collaborative, distributed workflows at IBC

Avid CEO Jeff Rosica at IBC2022. (Source: IBC)   IBC2022 stands as a significant milestone in the history of digital content creation. It comes as the latest wave of Covid infections have subsided and as people worldwide are going back to work. During the last three years, people have turned to remote working, and cloud-based video editing tools are accepted … Read more