Imagination launches IMG A-Series

Imagination Technologies announced the tenth generation of its PowerVR graphics architecture, the IMG A-Series. Claiming its IMG A-Series is the fastest GPU IP ever released, the company says it is designed to be The GPU of Everything, citing multiple markets, from automotive, AIoT, and computing through to DTV/STB/OTT, mobile and server. The IMG A-Series has a multi-dimensional approach to performance … Read more

XR at Khronos

Driving to stay at least in step, if not ahead of the virtual, mixed, augmented, and yet to be named and marketed realities, the Khronos OpenXR working group has released their working API which covers various OS, and presumably all devices. OpenXR—solving the VR–AR fragmentation if not confusion. (Source: Khronos)   OpenXR is a unifying, royalty-free, open standard that provides … Read more

Open Design Alliance Powers Along Beyond DWG

Why not Prague? Cultures come together and sometimes clash in Eastern Europe. The ODA is all about finding common ground. (Source: Ralph Grabowski)   The Open Design Alliance has transformed the CAD universe with the development of standardized formats for content exchange. This year they held their annual conference in Prague and CEO Neil Peterson unveiled his latest plans to … Read more

Khronos builds out the ecosystem ready for NNEF launch

Khronos this week announced the launch of a project with Au-zone of Calgary, Canada to produce two conversion tools that will allow developers to import NNEF files into TensorFlow and Caffe2 as well as export NNEF files from those training frameworks. In line with Khronos’ recent policy, the tools will be made available in the second half of 2018 as … Read more