Intel reports Q3’2020 results with good news and bad news

For Q3 2020, Intel reported a decline in sales (revenue), profits, and margins even as even though more people bought PCs, as consumers and companies adjusted to work at home. Likewise, organizations and governments pulled back on data center spending. The company also acknowledged its next generation of chipmaking technology was six months behind schedule. Overall PC sales were up … Read more

Autodesk says we told you so; Q2 revenues are strong

Autodesk’s second-quarter revenues for fiscal 2021 were absolutely on course for the company underlining several points: the resilience of the subscription model, the ongoing progress of Autodesk’s revamped licensing plan, and the relative powerlessness of customers.  Autodesk is in the process of transitioning from multi-user licenses to named license, which boils down to one license person rather than a company … Read more

PTC’s strategy holds up for Q3 2020

There is no doubt some industry people sighed in relief when PTC's third-quarter financial results came in above guidance. In design and engineering, people are looking at this quarter as an indicator of what the year might look like. PTC's results look good in spite of this year’s extreme challenges. The companies in design and engineering have performed reasonably well through the … Read more

Intel Q2’2020 results

The new normal is not normal, and may not be again for a long time. Q2 which has traditionally been a down quarter was up for Intel year-to-year, and flat quarter-to-quarter. But Q3 is being guided down, and Intel still is dealing with manufacturing issues—the new normal. By midday the day after Intel’s report, AMD soared over 15% while Intel … Read more

Autodesk’s First quarter fiscal 2021 financial highlights

Autodesk has come through its first quarter with good results and the company expressed satisfaction, revealing very little trepidation over the future. The company raised revenue 20% to $886 million and reported a net income of $66.6 million. The company’s operating margin increased 10 percentage points to 28%. Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost celebrated the stability of Autodesk’s subscription-based business model … Read more

Trimble reports first quarter 2020

Trimble’s results for the first quarter of 2020 look almost as if nothing has happened; it looks like a reasonable first quarter for the company. The company has relatively little business in China, so they missed some of the first wave effects of the pandemic, but they’re braced for the next wave making itself felt in the second quarter. CEO … Read more

PTC sails through its fiscal Q2 ’20 with increased revenues and ARR

PTC reported revenues for the quarter ending March 28, 2020, and were optimistic, if guarded. The company’s revenues for PTC second fiscal quarter of 2020 were up 24% at $360 million compared to $356 million. Income was $7 million. PTC plans to be spending money developing its IoT/AR. PTC saw very little hit from adverse market conditions for its second … Read more

PTC hits rough road

PTC has been very optimistic about its transition to subscription and its concurrent development of new business. Unfortunately for the third quarter of 2019, the company’s executive team had to do a lot of fairly excruciating explaining when the company’s sales failed to meet the company’s projections.    PTC doesn’t hold back on data. In fact, they have the opposite … Read more

AMD Q1 2019 results

AMD reported its quarter results for calendar Q1 2019, revenues and operating income were down year-over-year as well as its graphics and compute groups revenue and profits.  “We delivered solid first quarter results with significant gross margin expansion as Ryzen and EPYC processor and datacenter GPU revenue more than doubled year-over-year,” said Dr. Lisa Su, AMD president and CEO. “We … Read more