Omid Rahmat

The era of ‘who cares’ computing

Microsoft’s Game Pass, a big play in the young game subscription market. (Source: Microsoft) What happens when people start to find out that you can do the same work on a lower-cost hardware platform as you do on a more expensive platform? If you are an Apple phone user, you’ll probably go for whatever puts you in hock, but almost … Read more

The new 3D graphics pipeline

Who loses and who gains when consumers get access to vast libraries of content for a minimum monthly fee or because they are willing to put up with ads? I

Chasing pixels into the multiverse of madness

For anyone with a Gandalfian perspective on the history of computer graphics, the notion that VR, or its blockier cousin, the metaverse, is going to be a really big thing may conjure up decades of dashed hopes and a graveyard of stereoscopic glasses and head-mounted displays built for claustrophiliacs. Nice big, flat screens seemed to be the ideal, but something … Read more