Robert Dow

GPU developments of 2022

TIBURON, Calif. – Jon Peddie Research has just released its annual GPU developments report. It is a summary of GPU developments for 2022 and includes announcements by the leading GPU suppliers. Although we think it is thorough, we do not claim it to be exhaustive of every announcement made by the suppliers. The information is presented in chronological order by … Read more

Immortalis GPU in new MediaTek 9200?

MediaTek has been a loyal and long-term customer of IP provider Arm for CPUs and GPUs, so it comes as no surprise that the company is expected to introduce its newest SoC with Arm’s newest GPU—the pretentiously named Immortalis. We wrote about Arm’s new GPU in June. Immortalis-G715 offers hardware-based ray-tracing support on mobile and includes variable rate shading. However, … Read more

Intel’s long-anticipated entry into the graphics add-in board market has arrived

  With the release of ASRock’s Challenger ITX Arc A380-based add-in board, it looks like Intel’s foray back into the discreet graphics industry has finally arrived. ASRock’s new Challenger ITX 6GB board is listed on Newegg for $139.99, with detailed specifications available on the ASRock website. At $140, the Challenger ITX is an entry-level graphics board with a price point … Read more