Blending into the Omniverse, Nvidia signs up new partners

What is the metaverse. (Source: Nvidia)   Nvidia announced a significant expansion of its Omniverse simulation and collaboration platform—through new integrations with Blender and Adobe. Omniverse is now available to potentially millions of more users. The world’s leading open-source 3D animation tool, Blender, will now have Universal Scene Description (USD) support, enabling artists to access Omniverse production pipelines. Adobe collaborates … Read more

Adobe cuddles up with Blender with new plug-ins for Substance and Mixamo

The wishlist for the Substance development team at Adobe is deep and long, but since its acquisition, they’ve been ticking requests off the list. The latest updates include the long-awaited Blender plug-in for Substance and also a Blender plug-in for Mixamo. At around the same time, Adobe joined the Blender Foundation, and Sébastien Deguy talked about the importance of supporting … Read more

Maxon acquires Forger 3D sculpting tool

Maxon made me spit my coffee this morning. The company announced the acquisition of Forger, a digital 3D sculpting and texture painting application developed by Javier Edo Meseguer. Did not see that coming, at all. Maxon announced the acquisition of Forger, a 3D sculpting tool developed by Javier Edo Meseguer.    Forger was developed by Javier Edo. The Maxon people … Read more

Forces gather to ensure to protect the integrity of images

There’s new information on the Content Authenticity Initiative. If you’ll remember, Adobe, Microsoft, The New York Times, and Twitter announced the formation of the Content Authenticity Initiative at Adobe Max in 2019. Obviously, they’re tackling a complex problem that along the way seeks to build a pipeline from content capture to content consumption with documentation that attests to the authenticity … Read more

Giant Steps: Adobe Substance 2021.1 updates

Sebastien Deguy heads the 3D & Immersive team at Adobe and introduced the Livestream update for Substance 2021. (Source: Adobe)   Adobe’s Substance team is an integral part of Adobe’s 3D strategy, or more correctly, the Substance team is Adobe’s 3D & Immersive group. Sebastien Deguy, formerly the CEO of Allegorithmic, is an Adobe Vice President and leads the 3D … Read more

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe demonstrated Photoshop Camera at Adobe Max last year in Los Angeles, which seems like about 4 years ago. And, at the time, it seemed like Photoshop Camera was just another cute little phone app like all the other apps we had to have, played with a while, and then abandoned for the next shiny thing. And, actually, it is … Read more

Adobe introduces Production and opens up collaboration

From the very beginning, Adobe Premiere has been a tool for single project work, which makes sense given its origins as a desktop product and its role in democratizing video editing for everyone. It has been used to make movies and TV shows, but they’ve had to work around the single project structure of Premiere. Everything starts in the Productions … Read more

CorelDraw 2020 expands its base through collaboration, mobile tools, and Mac users

CorelDraw has been steadily improving and growing its own distinct user base, gaining strength from its solid footing in the Windows world and its availability with a perpetual license. It goes without saying that CorelDraw is all the more attractive to some users because of the wealth of tools in the box. In addition to the CorelDraw design tool, which … Read more

Adobe acquires Oculus Medium for its immersive group

Adobe’s 3D and Immersive (3D&I) group has announced the addition of Oculus Medium to an emerging portfolio that includes Dimension, Substance, and Aero, tools that complement Adobe’s flagship products Photoshop and After Effects. Facebook’s Oculus Medium was introduced to the world along with the Oculus controllers in 2016. It differs from other 3D paint tools like Facebook’s Quill and Google’s … Read more

Captis debuts at Adobe Max

When it all comes together: HP has been working on the challenge of real-world 3D capture for some time. At Adobe Max, the company was able to show off the process from capture to print. That Dalek sitting next to the Z4 Workstation is HP’s new Captis device.  (Source JPR)   It's no secret that Adobe is growing its 3D … Read more