Adobe expands Substance 3D

Substance 3D Modeler interprets spatial input from the physical world, enabling users to sculpt a model intuitively. (Source: Adobe)  Adobe was busy recently, announcing several updates to various products. Many of those pertain to the company’s Substance 3D offering. These include a 3D Materials SDK that allows developers to write their own plug-ins and use the Substance 3D Material and … Read more

Adobe Express for everybody else

Adobe has introduced a new collection of cloud-based tools to enable anyone to create a quick multimedia something. Adobe suggests banners, flyers, logos, etc. In other words, prepare to see more plain old posts gussied up with baked content in your feeds. Anyone can do it: Adobe Creative Cloud makes the job of content creation easier. (Source: JPR) Adobe packaged … Read more

After a great 2020, Adobe says stars aligned for 2021

Adobe’s first quarter ended March 5, 2021, and the company says it is seeing plenty of more growth throughout the year. In fact, after the company’s cheerful assessment of the quarter, it also raised its expectations for 2021. Adobe’s Digital Media segment saw revenue of $2.86 billion, 32% year over year growth. Creative revenue grew to $2.3 billion, for a … Read more

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe demonstrated Photoshop Camera at Adobe Max last year in Los Angeles, which seems like about 4 years ago. And, at the time, it seemed like Photoshop Camera was just another cute little phone app like all the other apps we had to have, played with a while, and then abandoned for the next shiny thing. And, actually, it is … Read more

Deep faking and getting real

Deep fakes have got the world creeped out. Photo manipulation techniques joined with AI are enabling people to create very convincing, very fake images and videos. The authenticity of audio is also up for grabs, and in fact in this paper, “Text Based Editing on Talking Head Videos,” researchers demonstrate a technique for editing a speaker in a video by … Read more