HP announces the Z32k G3, an IPS Black monitor

The Z32k G3 hides Thunderbolt 4 support on the back, which helps users nearly manage their cables. (Source: HP)   LG and Dell collaborated to create IPS Black technology earlier this year, which provides richer contrast and blacker blacks. Now, HP has finally announced their first monitor using the technology. Their Z32k G3 adds more than just IPS Black—they also … Read more

Unlocked—a movie about data

Z by HP has rebranded their Z product line as Z by HP and recently released Unlocked, an interactive 35-minute film that weaves data science challenges into an action-packed story to unlock an ancient mystery. Blending Hollywood-caliber production value, interactive storytelling, and data challenges, data scientists around the world are invited to participate in the project at www.hp.com/unlocked for a … Read more

How to Test and Fix Chromatic Aberration on WMR VR Headsets

HP Reverb G2 (Version 2)   I’ve been running a video series called Neil’s Messy Basement with a strong focus on home entertainment and immersion.  I’m very enthusiastic about the latest generations of surround sound, big screen projection, gaming, and kicking back and enjoying the digital age. I’ve recently taken a renewed personal interest in virtual reality by testing the … Read more

HP Z2 G9 tower and mini WS

HP did a refresh of their popular Z workstation line and introduced gen 12 based Z2s in a flat charcoal black finish. The Z2 Tower is the top of the line and come with a choice of i5, i7, or i9 gen 12 Intel processors, and up to 128 GB of ECC SDDR5 RAM. They can also be equipped with … Read more

HP’s all-in-one idea for the home office

HP blasted out several new PCs and workstations after CES and among them was a slick new AiO. HP invented the AiO (in 1972 with the HP9830) and has been at the forefront of it since. The company’s latest offering is the EliteOne AiO 800 Evolution—doesn’t that trickly little name just roll right off the tongue. Regardless of the silly … Read more

HP makes working at home comfortable

According to some back-of-the-envelope calculations and other data, we estimate the average cost for a tech worker’s space and support facilities in an office is about $15,500 a year.¹ If you could have your employees and contractors work at home, and all you had to do was outfit them with a new computer every three or four years for $500 a … Read more