Arm Reveals First New Architecture in a Decade—all data will go through Arm

Arm showed its first new architecture in a decade at its recent one-day virtual conference. Arm introduces their v9 design and provided their macro view of future semiconductor development. As it turns out, from Arm’s perspective, Arm devices will control the world. All data will either be generated, processed, or transferred through and by an Arm device. Arm says it … Read more

Nvidia’s GeForce Now increases subscribers

In 2020, Nvidia “onboarded” and released an average of 10 games a week. With a new express onboarding pipeline, Nvidia said their goal is to increase that by about half by the year's end. The company has also added support for additional digital game stores.  Jabberwocky update Onboarded or onboarding —  to go through procedures to effectively integrate (a new … Read more

Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti —a terrific value for gamers

The RTX 3060 Ti debuted at $399, and Nvidia claimed it to be 40% faster on average than its predecessor, the GeForce RTX 2060 Super. The RTX 3060 Ti Founder’s Edition is a tremendous addition to the GeForce RTX 30 Series, but we couldn’t match Nvidia’s performance claims in all cases. We came close in game-only FPS tests—35%. The new … Read more

Nvidia to buy Arm

In 2009 rumors started about the possibility of Nvidia acquiring AMD to give Nvidia a CPU capability. In 2011 Jensen Huang settled the subject decisively when he said, Arm is our CPU. Nine years later he put the period on that statement when he announced the acquisition of Arm for $40 billion. The rumor that Nvidia might acquire Arm has … Read more

Micron supercharges GDDR

In computer graphics too much is never enough and in the case of memory speed, that is even more true. Micron just broke the speed limit and took GDDR6 from 768 GB/s up to 1 TB/s with their new GDDR6X

Nvidia releases new Studio Drivers

Accompanying the new computers, which are arriving like spring flowers, are new Nvidia drivers. The Nvidia Notebook Driver program has released version 442.92 of the Nvidia Studio Driver. Nvidia's Studio Drivers are designed with the understanding that creative users tend to use multiple apps as they're doing creating work. It's a very different workflow from the dedicated gamer who shuts … Read more

Minecraft with Nvidia’s ray tracing GPU and RTX

Nvidia offered a sneak peek at what is possible when the world’s most popular game employs ray tracing technology. The company is also offering some tutorials to help Minecrafters get started using ray tracing in their constructions. The company said they have been working with some of the world’s most talented creators in the Minecraft community in preparation for the … Read more