Peter McGuinness

GDC: Five guys and Jon: Torching the cat

The Machine Learning for Games panel (GDC, 21st March), hosted by Imagination Technologies and moderated by our very own Dr. Peddie, gave us a pretty good sense of where we are on some parts of that topic, as well as an indication that we need to be very careful to define terms. Panel mambers represented mobile, desktop, and console gaming. … Read more

Microsoft delivers machine learning to every windows developer

ONNX API now available in Windows At the recent Windows Developer Day, Microsoft exec. Kevin Gallo announced a number of new products for developers, the most interesting of which was what he called “the intelligent edge” and the Windows AI Platform. In a nutshell, this means that while Microsoft has previously focused mainly on cloud-based AI, it is now turning … Read more

ST Microelectronics Orlando Inferencing Engine.

The CNN accelerator field continues to get more crowded. ST Micro quietly previewed their Orlando high-efficiency inferencing accelerator at CES and have now gone public with an announcement at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. Built on ST’s proprietary 28nm FD-SOI process, the chip is still described as a prototype but it is supported with a full set of production … Read more

Arm’s project Trillium

Too little too late, or the foreshadowing of history? Arm took advantage of the post-CES news lull to announce, “Project Trillium,” a suite of software tools for neural network inferencing at the edge, along with new hardware IP for deep neural network (DNN) acceleration that is scheduled to be available for licensing in late 2018. The key software element of … Read more

Arm Techcon 2017 conference

Tiny almost invisible things that will change your life. The dominant theme at the recent Arm Techcon 2017 conference in Santa Clara was security and the messaging from execs and invited speakers alike stayed on point. This led to slim pickings for pixel junkies at the keynotes and press events, but vision and machine learning are topics that no company … Read more

Graphcore Intelligence Processing Unit

A new yew—IPU Graphcore continues to dribble out information about its hopefully soon-to-be-released ‘Intelligence Processing Unit’. Earlier this year we got past the It’s-going-to-be-awesome stage, and we’ve since learned it has enough memory to hold an entire neural network, including the network’s weights, on chip for at least the duration of an inference. They carefully avoid telling us how large … Read more

Imagination introduces its own VPU

New NNA steps up to compete in ML Citing the burgeoning intelligent vision market, Imagination Technologies announced on September 21st that it has joined the ever-growing list of companies with hardware acceleration for deep learning. Up to now, they have relied on their PowerVR GPUs running in GPU compute mode to provide an ad hoc solution for inferencing but with … Read more

Imagine ADAS Denso hopes to put Imagination in automobiles

Denso, another one of those companies where the caps lock got stuck in the marketing department, has been stuffing electronics into automobiles, trucks, and other wheeled machines for over 56 years, and they’ve come to know a thing or two about how to do that.  Recently the company formed a partnership with Imagination Technologies around the development of processing technologies … Read more

Intel everywhere at Hot Chips

Intel’s was a constant presence at Hot Chips 2017 this week, showing up a number of times to show off Knight’s Mill (the latest offering in its deep learning lineup for data centers) and Scorpio, the latest Xbox GPU as well as to bask in some reflected glory as the CPU and FPGA supplier-of-choice for Microsoft’s ‘Brainwave.' Also in evidence … Read more

Of Holograms and Light Fields

Leia comes to Display Week with a new approach for naked-eye 3D displays No conference on display technology is complete without some mention of holographic or some other variety of volumetric displays and Display Week had its share of these. Unfortunately, most of these displays are very unconvincing and suffer from problems ranging from low brightness to an inability to … Read more